With Love, Rest In Peace

Some ideas that were never made & see the light of the day. But still has much love.



Crystals, spray mists, incense and candles have become part of a wellness ritual for the younger audience. 

How can we include Spotify’s wellness podcasts into their ritual? 

On World Mental Health Day, let’s launch our very own candles. A candle that aren’t filled with wax but with everything you need for a full Spotify wellness experience. Equipped with a Spotify code that leads to a microsite where users can burn a virtual candle as they listen to the wellness contents on Spotify.


The Child Labourers’ Profile

Today, millions of children around the world are still exploited in child labour. Due to the complexity, managing an ethical supply chain can be difficult.

How can Standard Chartered shed some light on this to make people aware about their purchases?

We create an entire profile on LinkedIn to tell real experiences of these children. By piquing the interest of business owners and recruiters, we nudge them to look deeper into their supply chain.


The Mascara Checkout

With the abuser in close proximity, victims are afraid to speak out and seek the support they need.

How can we stop domestic violence without raising the alarm of the abuser?

Inspired by an ongoing trend on TikTok, the word ‘mascara’ is used as a codeword for sexual abuse to spread the message for people in need. So we create a helpline disguised as a cosmetic site selling mascara. Simply by clicking on “Checkout” and filling in the shipping address sends help to the victims.


Posture of Success

In a world of hustle culture, sleep is often portrayed as the enemy to achieving success. Ironically, the naked truth to success is getting ample sleep for the day ahead.

How can Kymdan, a 100% latex mattress brand change this perception and get people to make sleep their top priority?

We reinvent how successful and influential figures are typically depicted by media in their power poses. On World Sleep Day, we partner with influential figures to pose in their sleeping positions as the new posture of success while advocating the importance of sleep.