Moon Pillow

The first rule of crypto is that crypto never sleeps. Sleeping could mean complete liquidation. As a result, most crypto traders are sleep-deprived zombies.

As one of the biggest crypto derivatives exchanges, Bybit wanted to help our customers. So we created the Moon Pillow. With vibration-alert that’s synced to the markets, the Moon Pillow will wake you when the market swing. So you can rest easy knowing Bybit has you covered.

A range of exclusive NFTs were created for sleep-deprived traders to purchase the Moon Pillow. Each unique artwork depicts the pillow against the backdrop of night to sunrise, just like how they can now have a good night of sleep.


Executive Creative Director

Andy Grant

Creative Director

Asheen Naidu


Anirudh Singh

Art Director

Jaron Ngoh 
Chris Leow


Gwendelyn Gomez


Vania Limantara

Production Company